Welcome to the Beta Angel Project’s data collection page. Here, you’ll find detailed information on questions which lend themselves to a data-oriented or methods-driven approach. The genesis of this page was a failed essay entitled: “Why is Jain Kim Such a Great Climber?” After a single draft – the essay was put on hold amidst a desire to gather more objective data. Eventually, some questions were answered while others were not. We won’t always being able to answer the questions, but that’s alright – the graphics should be interesting to consider and may spark questions, answers, or approaches to problems that we have never considered. We’ll never be afraid to show you our failures.

The final request we would like you to consider is this: if you have data sets, the requisite skills of analysis or are just interested in data collection and/or rigorous methods, please contact us. We can’t guarantee we’ll work with you, but we want to serve as a focal point for connecting people who are passionate about data- and methods-driven rigor in the rock climbing space. Assuming enough time, space, and attention to rigor, we’ll be happy to consider highlighting the data on our page.

Clipping Heat Maps – An Example of Not Finding a Pattern

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Pacing Habits of World Cup Sport Climbers