Welcome to the main research section of the Beta Angel Project.  Here you will find four main areas:
  1. Work by the Beta Angel Project in the area of data collection and analysis.
  2. An inventory of rock climbing research: (a) with summaries translated into simple language and (b) categorized based on a framework developed in consultation with Douglas Hunter.
  3. Climbing Communities should have the opportunity to weigh in on science. See which science and communities the Beta Angel Project engages!
  4. Curious what kind of experimental training researchers are testing out? I’d call it practical, but it’s highly experimental.
Check out the information at your leisure. However, it’s important that you note that much of this information is new, that criticism of these studies include: small sample sizes, application of conclusions to populations of different climbing levels (e.g. recreational vs. elite), and the overall paper’s methodological rigor. Please don’t hesitate to engage in the conversation by contacting the project directly.