Rock Climbing and Research: A Resource for the Community

Beta Angel

Bridging Climbers and Science

The purpose of the Beta Angel Project is to build a better “bridge” between climbers and climbing research.  This website serves as a resource for the rock climbing community to inform, translate, and provide novel research and ideas on training and technique.

You can explore an always expanding inventory of summarized research (and conclusions), personal research from the project, project articles which incorporate either research or best practice, highlights of community engagement, and practical application through experimental training.

If you identify research that isn’t in the inventory, just send a link over and we’ll get it into the inventory. If you have a question or a video recommendation, ask or comment. Are you a researcher who wants to showcase the practical application potential of your work? Send us a request. Want to see something else? Let us know.

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Beta Angel Project Publishes Research integrating video and climber measurements

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Interview | Climbing Researcher Guillaume Levernier on coaching Mélissa Le Nevé to her historic ascent of Action Directe

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