The Beta Angel Project stems from a vision to inspire more rock climbing research, provide a platform for new ideas, translate research into practical application, and provide a view into the academic world of the climbing community.  The project is supported by individuals who are putting their time and energy into growing the rigor behind rock and competition climbing.

The project is the brainchild of Taylor Reed. Taylor has been coaching children since 2005.  He has coached multiple children on the US youth national team and has seen success with athletes on the international youth stage, including three podiums.  Additionally, he has been highly successful in helping his athletes achieve goals on real rock up to and including V13/14. He works as a long-range planner in disaster response and preparedness.

Also supporting the project are Joe Johnson and Aleksandra Dagunts who are committed to selflessly providing support to the rock climbing community. Both have coached children tirelessly and share a passion for technical solutions to problems. Joe works at the National Institutes of Health while Aleksandra is working on a degree in Biology at George Washington University.

Left to right: Joe Johnson, Aleksandra Dagunts and Taylor Reed