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Taylor’s knowledge of climbing technique is unparalleled. His coaching undoubtedly helped shape me into the climber that I am today.

Itai, climbed the Swarm (V13/V14)

Remote Consultation

Video Analysis

  • Climber Efficiency analysis – Efficiency of multiple moves. 
    • Generally, Route video.  Approximately 5-15 minutes of video.
  • Climber Effectiveness analysis – Individual movement analysis
    • Either Route or boulder video.  Approximately 2-5 short videos.
  • Quick analysis
    • Interested in a quick opinion? Send 1-2 boulder videos or one route video for a quick analysis and recommendation.  Price: Negotiable based on need.

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In-person consultation

One-time Strategic Direction Consultation

  • Take a simple questionnaire, send video, and then chat with Taylor.  He’ll provide you with big picture strategy as well as tactical recommendations.
    • Follow-up for Training Plan consultation is an option.  Because Taylor focuses on individual needs, he requires consultation first.

Ongoing Coaching and Elite Athlete Management

  • Taylor takes on a small number of athletes with big goals for coaching and/or management.  You can Apply for a limited number of spots.  If accepted, you will receive ongoing:
    • Remote video sessions
    • Talent development consultation
    • Video analysis
    • Training plan consultation
Video Instructions
5-15 minutes is a very general guideline.  Reach out if you would like to send more or if you would like a more flexible approach to sending and receiving analysis.
Indoor climbing tends to be more effective for my analysis but I have helped climbers on routes/boulders outside up to and including the elite level.
Off-set video – slightly behind and slightly to the side – is also most effective for analysis.  Please ensure the climber is always in frame and try to avoid shaky video (it gives Taylor a headache!)
Coordinate with Taylor in advance if number of videos and/or time falls significantly out of general recommendations found in description of services.
You are responsible for uploading video and providing Taylor with a link to either download or view the video.
Note that while Taylor has evaluated climbers up to a very high level, it becomes increasingly challenging as climbers become better.  Any climbers at 5.13b and above, or bouldering V11 and above, should contact him directly.  If he is unclear how to help with video analysis, you will not be charged and he can provide a more detailed assessment or point you in a good direction for one.