Working with Taylor has completely evolved my climbing.  With his help, I have identified and eliminated my weaknesses and grown the size of my skill set considerably.  My movement has drastically improved, and I have become a smart, thoughtful climber.

Arabella, Pan-American Championships Gold medalist in Speed Climbing, Silver medalist in the Combined Olympic Discipline, and Bronze medalist in Bouldering
Coach Taylor Reed

Taylor Reed has been teaching climbing since 2005 and has successfully coached athletes in both competition for the international level and real rock up to V13/14 and 5.14a.  His primary focus is figuring out how to create success in a climber and/or program.  His approach to coaching uses research/data, creativity, and effective analysis techniques in order to tackle each individual’s unique challenges.

Consultation is based on the following principles:

  • Built around the idea that all climbers have individual needs.
  • Focused around combining the content with the process of teaching.
  • Evidence-based.
  • Creative.
Coach Taylor Reed working with climbers

Are you the Parent of a Youth Athlete who needs consulting or elite developmental coaching?

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Are you a motivated adult who does not know why you aren’t making progress?

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“Because of training with Taylor, I’ve learned how to manage my programming and make informed decisions about training. Taylor listens to my thoughts and encourages an interactive approach when working with him. My movement has change considerably over the years and as a result, my technique has improved. His insight and coaching continues to challenge me to reach my full potential. I am grateful for his guidance.”

Charlie, U.S. National Youth Team 2017, Team Evolv Athlete

Questions Taylor can help with:

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