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Pete Edwards
Caernarfon, U.K.
Climbing Gym: Beacon Climbing Centre
Disciplines: Cognitive-motor Learning, Biomechanics
Phone: +447792854863

Coach Pete Edwards

Approach: Climbing is an immensely complex movement sport, with infinite variables presented to the climber with every route. Knowing a list of techniques isn’t enough, we must understand the guiding principles behind them, when they are appropriate and when and how to apply them. Furthermore, we’re all different, with strengths and weaknesses different to each other.

Prowess Coaching takes a student-centred approach to develop both the skills and techniques but also the decision making of when to put this into practice. In essence, i’m trying to teach you how to learn about climbing, to understand the axioms behind climbing movement and help you develop the skills needed to continue to improve on any climb in any terrain and any setting you want to apply them.


Mark Reeves
Gwynedd, Wales, U.K.
Climbing Gym: Beacon Climbing Centre
Disciplines: Sports Psychology, Cognitive-motor Learning, Kinesiology, Biomechanics, Bioenergetics
Phone: +447872565225
Coach Mark Reeves

Approach: I primarily focus on coaching people to traditional and sports climb harder outside. To do this I work predominantly on improving people’s technique and tactics of climbing. Through my experience, I have found I can improve a climbers grade in a couple of days this way.

With an MSc in Applied Sports Science, I have also used each aspect of Sports Psychology, Effective coaching and Performance Physiology to help train young and old climbers indoors and outdoor to compete at national and international levels. I have also written the coaching book How to Climb Harder and Effective Coaching for Climbing Instructor which covers both what and how to coach. I also hold the UK, mountain instructor award, which qualifies me to teach trad and sport climbing on multi-pitched crags

As such I tend to focus my coaching in the follow areas of performance:

  • Technical
  • Tactic
  • Physical
  • Psychology
  • Risk Management